God Mode Players v1 Addon

Ever wanted to feel what it is like to have god-like powers in Minecraft?
Now you can!

The God Players Addon gives you an insane amount of experience points and you will also be able to kill any type of mob just by touching them. It’s amazing powers which will turn survival mode almost into a joke just because of how easy it gets

How does it work?

You’ll now have 24781 (max) experience when spawning in a new world. Keep in mind that the experience part will only work for new worlds, not old ones. Besides having a crazy amount of experience your attack damage has also been set to 9999 which is enough to one-shot any mob in-game including bosses like the wither

The experience is useful for repairing items and enchantments. Even though you are likely never going to use up all of 24791 experience points it’s still the easiest way to quickly reach new levels in Minecraft

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